By: David Rogers Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Running a small business is anything but easy. Between dealing with employees, vendors, customers and a million different logistical issues every hour of

Hire Good Character, Develop A Leader

You can’t simply hire someone who will walk into your business, know exactly what to do and establish the dynamic leadership and workflow systems you need to make your shop

Recruting & Retaining Today’s Technicians

RECRUITING & RETAINING TODAY’S TECHNICIANS By Sarah M. Kennedy These simple strategies for dealing with the scarcity of skilled automotive technicians are similar to those you should already be using

automotive industry

MOTOR AGE – Embrace the Future

It’s uncomfortable, it’s frustrating, sometimes it’s even something to fear… and in the automotive industry, it’s unavoidable. Independent auto repair shop ownership and management are no strangers to change. Technological


Leadership Boot Camp

Five people shuffle into a room, gather around a circular table, and take a seat. Then, someone walks in, sets down a tray of 12 donuts right in the center,

car count

Two Keys To A Higher Car Count

Car count has been a concern of just about every shop owner I’ve talked with at one point or another. Most of the time, shop owners take it upon themselves

team building

Team Building 101

Auto Profit Masters President David Rogers shares his thoughts and personal experiences dealing with the art of team building: The fire marshal came into our shop one day out of

modern technicians

Recruiting & Retaining Modern Technicians

Among the usual conversation topics among networking shop owners (benchmarks and KPIs, marketing ideas, customer service cases, etc.), one subject seems to be getting more and more humorless—recruiting and retaining


SHOP OWNER – Cultivate Employee Dedication

In my 20-plus years in this industry, I’ve seen every type of employee you can imagine: fast employees, slow employees, good employees, bad employees, workaholic employees, workaphobic employees, and even


MOTOR AGE – Drive Employee Inertia

It’s no secret that we’re facing a technician shortage in our industry. I could write an entire article on why we’re facing this shortage and how to overcome it but