overcome the technician shortage

3 Ways Software Can Help You Hire Better Auto Techs

The auto mechanic industry employs around 600,000 people in the United States, according to IBISWorld, but hiring qualified auto technicians can be a challenge. With a shortage of skilled workers and a high demand for quality service, it can be overwhelming to find the ideal local staff. Luckily, technology can help you overcome the technician shortage. From streamlining the hiring process to attracting more qualified applicants, here’s how software can help you hire better auto techs for your business.

1. Expand Talent Pool

Overcome the technician shortage by expanding your talent pool. Your auto shop’s visibility online will help you reach those potential candidates, and they may even reach out to you first. The software can automatically post and monitor your job openings across different platforms. Utilize social media as well as niche websites. You can even create a branded career page linked to your main website which will help build a talent pipeline and nurture those relationships. Even if a qualified technician isn’t looking for a new job now, they may take notice of your site and professionalism and keep you in mind when they are looking.

2. Automate Screening

Screening candidates can take a great deal of time. Matter of fact, it may be one of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process. The software makes it easier to filter out anyone who’s unqualified to be an auto mechanic. You can customize your hiring software with screening questions as well as pre-employment tests. There’s software that allows you to do video interviews so you and the potential employee can save time on travel. You can even rank and score candidates using software based on your preferences and hiring criteria.

3. Engage Candidates

Qualified candidates may be overwhelmed with potential job offers. So do what you can to enhance their experience and make it as positive as possible. The right software can effectively communicate with a top candidate through automated reminders and updates. Solicit feedback through questionnaires or surveys about how the process is going. The software can schedule and reschedule interviews as well as help the onboarding process after a hire.

If you’re overwhelmed by the current auto technician shortage, now is the time to take matters into your own hands. Investing in the right software can help you hire better technicians in a very competitive job market. You can optimize the process and attract the highest quality candidates. Maintain your best talent for years to come and take the first step to overcome the technician shortage by contacting Autom Profit Masters about our software today.