How are the direct mail solutions from Auto Profit Masters different?

Direct mail isn’t about flooding your neighborhood with a bunch of coupons on a mailer that looks like everyone else’s.

If you’re tired of attracting low-quality customers who only want discounts, we can help. Our highly targeted direct mail campaigns filter out the crummy customers to attract only high-quality, valuable customers.

Unlike coupon mailers, a great direct mail piece should appeal to people who are looking for a lasting, trusting relationship with a shop. It should attract people in your neighborhood who expect great customer service and who understand the value of preventive maintenance.

A proven, effective, highly targeted direct mail campaign is the backbone of the marketing in our shop and for hundreds of shop owners across the country.


Our direct mail solutions help you give your neighbors the front-row experience in your shop and the ways you’re different from other places they can bring their car. Marketing isn’t about tearing down your competition – it’s about setting yourself apart.


Our direct mail pieces appeal to high-quality customers. But it’s not only the language – our direct mail program targets exactly the right people with the precision of a sniper. Our marketing team extensively researches your community before we send any mailer to limit the mailing area to where your best customers are found.


Our direct mail piece, the Dear Neighbor Letter, annihilates the competition. Customers that trust you more are more likely to refer friends and family, are more likely to come back more times in a year, are more likely to spend more, and are less likely to leave you for your competition.

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