incentive pay plans for techs

What Are Incentive Pay Plans for Auto Techs?

The quality of your auto repair techs will be closely related to the compensation package you’re offering. If you’re serious about recruiting the best professionals, incentive pay plans for techs can be one way to accomplish this within your auto business. According to our internal resources, the top car technicians in the industry can earn over $100,000 a year, but more goes into paying your team than the flat number of their salary. Setting up customized incentive pay plans is easy with the right auto industry software. Let’s look at a few different types of pay incentives you might want to consider.

Spot Bonuses

Regardless of what industry you’re in, financial rewards send a powerful message to your employees, and the auto industry is no different. Financial rewards and spot bonuses are a great way to demonstrate recognition and appreciation. You want to make sure that these types of pay incentives for techs are used thoughtfully, though. When bonuses are overused, they can lose their impact. They may start being expected and could set standards in a way that isn’t beneficial to you. To use spot bonuses consistently and fairly, it helps to have auto industry software in place that can track achievements and quantify them in a justifiable way.

Paid Leave

Auto techs often work on an hourly pay system, and sometimes this can mean they are putting in long hours. Long hours can sometimes lead to low morale and even employee burnout. Paid time off can be a very attractive form of incentive pay plans for techs. Keeping track of hours and time off requires the use of up-to-date software so that mistakes aren’t made and incentives can be awarded properly. Using software takes the headache out of these types of changes. If you want to use pay incentives but don’t want to add extra work to your own schedule, choose reliable auto industry software to keep track of this data.

Physical Gifts

Many employers also utilize physical gifts as a form of pay incentive for their auto techs. Physical gifts can be a powerful way to show your appreciation, especially around the holidays. They should only be used, however, if it’s been proven in your particular business to be an effective way to recruit great techs and retain the techs you have.

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