Our story might sound a lot like yours

Our story starts off with a shop owner who was taken advantage
of by everyone, who hit rock bottom, and had to claw his way back up.

But your story can take a different turn.
You don’t have to struggle like Terry did.


At Auto Profit Masters, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping auto shop owners avoid mistakes.

You don’t have to spend years and years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on ineffective
training. You don’t have to start from scratch and design the tools your shop
needs to measure, track, train, and adjust.

Our mission is to help you skip the struggle and jump to the long-term, sustained success
we have in our shop.

Let us help. Schedule your demo of the RPM ToolKit® or Shop4D® TODAY!

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We Own a Successful Shop

…and have since 1974. In other words, we’re active, successful shop owners that understand how to make small, independent shops not just survive – but grow and achieve elite numbers.

We Have Skin in the Game

The RPM ToolKit®, our training, and our marketing aren’t relics from years ago…they’re what we’re using right now in our shop to stay successful.

If we haven’t proven that our methods works in our shop, we’ll never ask you to try it out in yours.

APM Started Differently

When our shop was selected out of 40,000 shops and named Top Shop in the Nation in 1999, we made a promise to help other owners skip our failures and jump straight to success.

APM was created from a desire to help fellow shop owners, and everything we do is based around that goal.