overcome the technician shortage

Top Ways to Hire Better Quality Technicians

The success of your auto shop depends on the talent you have working there. If you want to provide great service to your clients, you need great technicians on staff.

incentive pay plans

How to Prepare to Motivate Your Employees

Finding ways to keep employees happy and motivated will play a big part in your overall success as an employer. When it comes to running an auto shop, you want

How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Auto Shop

The auto industry continues to increase, with new shops popping up daily. According to IBIS World, there are around 285,000 auto mechanic businesses nationwide. Utilizing new tools ensures your business

incentive pay plans for techs

What Are Incentive Pay Plans for Auto Techs?

The quality of your auto repair techs will be closely related to the compensation package you’re offering. If you’re serious about recruiting the best professionals, incentive pay plans for techs

overcome the technician shortage

3 Ways Software Can Help You Hire Better Auto Techs

The auto mechanic industry employs around 600,000 people in the United States, according to IBISWorld, but hiring qualified auto technicians can be a challenge. With a shortage of skilled workers

staff payment plans

3 Benefits of Incentive Staff Payment Plans

The automotive repair industry is certainly a competitive one and every auto body shop should look at ways to improve their business’s efficiency and effectiveness. A critical component of both

increase car count

How to Increase Car Count in Your Shop

The competition among automotive services providers is strong throughout the nation. According to IBIS World, the United States has about 285 thousand businesses that provide these services. With so many

automotive shop management system

What to Look for in a Shop Management System

An automotive shop management system is designed to make life easier for the owner. The system can manage appointments, help with payment and tax information, and track an employee’s turnaround

Building a Shop Culture of Success

By David Rogers Does it ever feel like you’re too busy and stretched too thin to focus on your operation? It’s harder than ever to find and hire critical team

How To Grow Leaders In Your Shop

By David Rogers We’ve all heard the expression “he/she is a born leader.” And when you’re looking to take your shop to the next level, it can be tempting to

Build A Winning Culture By Allowing Failure

By David Rogers If we accept that the technician shortage is here to stay, what comes next? I’ve used these pages to talk about technician compensation and how top techs