overcoming the technician shortage

4 Hiring Mistakes Your Auto Repair Shop May Be Making

The automotive industry is booming but needs more technicians to meet demand. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the industry will need a 7% increase in new technicians by 2024 to overcome the technician shortage. However, it’s crucial not to hire every technician that walks through the door. There are several mistakes you could make during the hiring process. This article will review the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Not Diversifying Skill Sets

Every auto technician doesn’t have the same skills. One person may specialize in diesel engines but can work on standard vehicles, too. Another may have more knowledge about foreign motors. Hiring technicians who bring something different to the table is crucial to increase your customer base. Avoid hiring too many technicians with the same skills and not bringing something else to the shop.

2. Not Dividing Job Responsibilities

It’s common for everyone to help each other in an auto repair shop. Multiple people may work on the same vehicle simultaneously, and several people may have the same role. However, this can lead to confusion because people don’t know what’s expected of them. It can also lead to miscommunication. Ensure job roles are clearly defined in the job description and on the job. It would help to discuss this with candidates during the hiring process.

3. Not Performing Background Checks

It’s tempting to hurry up and hire new people to overcome the technician shortage. However, it’s crucial to take your time during the hiring process. Hiring a person with a non-ideal background could give someone access to your company’s data, money, and more. Make sure you take your time throughout the hiring process to ensure technicians are a good fit for the shop and are honest.

4. Not Providing Important Training

Another critical mistake auto repair shops make is to rush training or forego it entirely to overcome the technician shortage. However, this can lead to accidents on the job, injuries, expensive mistakes, or company data loss. Many companies offer training for employees. You should ensure employees are adequately trained on all the equipment in the shop.

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