We’ve all been there.

It’s one of those days, weeks, months… Customers just keep coming in in waves and your shop is crazier than it’s ever been – your techs are constantly busy, and you can’t catch your breath because your docks are filled with vehicles in need of repairs while your waiting room is filled with car owners looking for service.

In other words, your policies and procedures broke down. The systems that worked when business was slower fell apart as you grew, and now you’re left trying to pick up the pieces or the shop morale will take a dive and your customers’ trust will fall along with it.

This scenario is as frustrating as it gets in the auto repair industry – you always dream of a steady stream of customers but when they start arriving, your techs become overwhelmed and the workflow bottlenecks, leading to backups, tardy repair jobs and, ultimately, dissatisfied customers.

In order to avoid seeing workflows bottleneck, techs get frustrated and customers abate, you need to have the proper policies and procedures in place to ensure that jobs will get done no matter how busy you get.

But how do you accomplish this?

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