SHOP OWNER: Work Smarter, Not Harder

It takes a lot of technical know-how to service modern vehicles. But there would be a lot more shop owners and technicians walking around with fat wallets nowadays if running a successful shop were only about technical acumen.

Turning a profit as an independent repair shop owner means knowing people. This pertains to both employees and customers. Keller Bros., Inc. in Littleton, CO, learned the hard way that keeping people happy isn’t about giving them what you think they want, it’s about putting proven strategies into action.

Keller Bros., Inc. is an 11-bay shop that has been serving Denver residents for more than 40 years. Back in 1997, owner Terry Keller was seeing 65 cars per day with an average repair order of around $80. This equated to roughly $1.5 million in sales. The employee turnover was astronomical, they had the wrong kind of customer, and the shop had cultivated an “every man for himself” mentality.

Today, Keller Bros. services around 30 cars per day with an average repair order of $450. They have the same shop doing the same full-service repair work in the same location, but they now do roughly $3.5 million in sales. Moreover, they have established processes and procedures that are in the best interest of both their employees and their customers. This has transformed the culture and perception of their business.

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