Incentive-based pay plans are the key to growing a shop sustainably. They ensure that the whole team is working together to properly inspect vehicles, do complete writeups, thoroughly advise the customer, and increase the average of every ticket.

But they have to be built the RIGHT WAY.

A poorly built pay plan, like the one-size-fits-all plans you can purchase off the shelf from some companies, can actually have the opposite effect. They can create disincentives, and reward employees for doing less work. Or worse, they won’t account for growth, and the employee on the pay plan ends up owning YOU.

The incentive-based pay plans built by Auto Profit Masters are created specifically for your shop, your employees, and your goals, using data and experience learned from consulting countless shops from coast to coast.

And when we deliver your new pay plans, we’ll teach you how they work, how to use them, and even how to implement them with your employees so that you get full buy-in.

To get started with new incentive-based pay plans for your shop, contact us today!