Are You Delivering What You Advertise? – Class by Phone – Thursday, July 28, 2022


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How many advertisements have you seen where the business made a completely unverifiable claim?

General Motors ran one a few years ago in which their CEO said “Car for car — when compared to the competition — we win. Simple as that.” We’re left asking: Where’s the proof?

Smart advertising is about making promises you can keep and claims you can verify.  At Keller Bros., when we say we’re the “#1 Repair Shop in the Nation” on our ads, it’s because we have the National Excellence Award to back it up.

And when we say that we have excellent customer service, we’ve got to back that up every time they see us, talk to us, and bring their car to us… or else we teach that customer that we don’t deliver the things we promise (including skilled repairs and fair pricing).

Are your customers getting what they were promised?  If you’re not getting great results from your marketing, there’s a good chance this is the reason.

Not following through on your promises is a killer…it’ll eat up your advertising budget and drive traffic away from your shop.