How to Turn the Passion Back On and Make your Day FUN Again (and increase sales, too)! – Class by Phone – Thursday, June 06, 2024


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Why’d you become a service writer in the first place?

Chances are, it’s because you’re personable. The high energy of the front desk, the personal qualities of talking to customers, and garnering referrals were all aspects of the day to look forward to that made it fun.

But with this daily gauntlet of undertakings comes increased pressure to deliver. There’s a list a mile long of what can knock a service writer off their game, resulting in low energy and a bad attitude. Bottom line, when it comes to service writing, ANYONE can get burned out!

Recapturing your passion is the key to making the day fun again and staying productive!

In this class, David teaches service writers and owners the THREE STEPS THEY NEED TO TAKE to keep passion for the job alive!

Don’t let grouchy customers, disappointing paychecks or defiant technicians dictate YOUR mood. This class will explain how to keep business as usual so you can have an optimistic and productive year! This leads to more sales and less stress for you AND your shop!