by David Rogers
August 10, 2018

What makes automotive repair shop marketing effective?

That might seem like a strange way to open an article on artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing. After all, can’t we just ask a computer to tell us what makes marketing effective? But the truth, as we’ll see in a moment, is that computers are only as smart as the data they’re given to learn.

Which is why this is such a critical question to ask, and why I want to answer it up front. Effective marketing – the kind that leads to sustainable growth for a repair shop – is marketing that attracts and retains quality customers. It builds trusting relationships with loyal customers who maintain their vehicles, refer friends and family, and come back year after year.

Effective marketing isn’t measured by ROI or car count (no matter what some marketing companies tell you) or by how busy you feel (no matter how much stress it takes away), but by looking at the long-term health of the business and loyalty of your customers.

And when it comes to AI, that difference in the definition of effective marketing is like a chasm. Here’s why.

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