by David Rogers
January 6, 2020

Leadership means something different to everyone, and everyone responds differently to various leadership techniques. “Bossing” and “managing” are two very different concepts and being able to negotiate the middle ground between them is a skill as important as any you’ll learn in your career.

My personal leadership style has changed drastically over the years. Just like anything else, people adapt and evolve over time and I’ve gone from being an authoritative figure to much more affiliative and diplomatic. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight but being able to see how people react to different styles has given me a better understanding of what good leadership is all about – getting the most out of your team and doing what’s best for your shop.

You’ve heard the expression “leaders are born,” and that’s true to a certain extent, but leaders are also developed – by enhancing an employee’s natural abilities and setting them up to succeed by unlocking their potential to lead. To do this you need to (a) know what to look for when you’re hiring someone, (b) train them properly and (c) establish good internal measurement systems that set people up to become better employees and, ultimately, quality leaders.

When you’re looking for employees who can help take your shop to the next level and provide good direction and leadership for your business, it starts before they even set foot in the door – it starts when you’re still in the hiring process.

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