Using the Roadmap to get the MOST out of your ToolKit

So you’ve signed up for the RPM ToolKit – you’re on your way to more profits, better customer relationships, and less stress! But just signing up isn’t good enough. You have to actively use the auto shop management system to see results. And there’s an easy way you can get the MOST out of your RPM ToolKit: The Roadmap.

dv1940077The Roadmap is a built-in educational tool within the RPM ToolKit. It gives you the answers and resources you need to start solving problems in your shop.

We’ve heard it all before – “I don’t have enough time” or “There’s too much to do in the shop” are the two most common excuses we hear from our clients.

But these are just excuses. The real reason that customers don’t utilize the Roadmap is that they don’t understand WHY it is so important or HOW it works for their shop.

So that’s what I’m going to tell you today – cut to the chase, the Roadmap teaches your how to FIX your shop.

It’s that simple. If you take a few minutes a day to use the Roadmap and progress through the phases, you’ll start seeing the impact. You’ll actually be able to find issues in your shop and start implementing solutions right away.

The Roadmap walks you and your employees through training and education to actively transform your shop towards increased profits. It teaches you, as the shop owner, to get the most out of your employees and get them to do what you expect. It teaches your Service Advisors how to educate instead of sell. It teaches your techs how to report data to start increasing the profitability of the shop.Roadmap - fast track to increased profits for your auto shop

The Roadmap divides the training available in your RPM ToolKit into 5 phases. Each phase is made up of bite size chunks – documents, podcasts, CDs, and references with the information and training you need to improve your shop.

Blank signpost 4 (clip path)Out of the 5 phases of the Roadmap, your techs only need to go through phase 1 & 2. These sections are designed to be simple, fast, and easy. The individual training within these phases are broken into bite size pieces – with just 5 or 10 minutes, during their break or on the drive into work, your tech can quickly progress through the stages to start using the RPM ToolKit to drive profitability.

The Roadmap goes way beyond teaching you how to use the RPM ToolKit – the Roadmap walks you through all of the training you need to FIX your shop. It teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know: how to apply new systems, hiring good employees, setting prices, increasing car count… you name it, it’s in your ToolKit.

Once you get to phase 3, you can tackle the Roadmap on your own schedule. A comprehensive index lets you quickly find the problem you’re looking for, and identify all of the training that will give you the tools you need to fix it.

team-handsWhen you and your employees use the Roadmap within the RPM ToolKit, this unified training means that everyone will be a part of the same team – every employee will understand the importance of these principles, with cohesive knowledge shared through the shop… meaning you can work together to improve your shop.

Participation of your staff depends on knowing the value of the training – if they understand the reason WHY they should use the Roadmap, they will be much more likely to actively participate.

But this relies on YOU – the shop owner – to take the first step. Start using the Roadmap today and uncover the key to getting the most out of your employees and increasing the profitability of your shop.

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