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SHOP OWNER – Steps Toward Smooth Sailing

We’ve all been there.

It’s one of those days, weeks, months… Customers just keep coming in in waves and your shop is crazier than it’s ever been – your techs are constantly busy, and you can’t catch your breath because … Read the rest

MOTOR AGE – Are You Ready for AI in Your Shop?

In mid-2017, Audi announced its new A8 would be fully self-driving up to 40 miles per hour. Nissan is following suit with a full range of driverless vehicles by 2020.

Meanwhile, robots are performing surgery, computers are diagnosing cancer, and … Read the rest


Relationships are the heart of results-based marketing. And just like your personal relationships with your spouse, parents, siblings, or friends, relationships with your customers take work.

Trust can’t be bought—it must be earned. When new customers bring their vehicle into … Read the rest

MOTOR MAGAZINE – Recruiting & Retaining Modern Technicians

Among the usual conversation topics among networking shop owners (benchmarks and KPIs, marketing ideas, customer service cases, etc.), one subject seems to be getting more and more humorless—recruiting and retaining skilled, quality technicians. Are you feeling the pressure, too? You … Read the rest

AUTO INC. – Sync Up For Success

By Terry Keller

In 43 years of shop management and ownership, I’ve made every mistake possible. There was a year when my accountant had to prepare 102 W2s. Imagine how broken my systems and procedures were to go through that … Read the rest