How Do I Ask For (and Get) a GREAT Testimonial?

When was the last time you kept tabs on what people are saying about you on the internet? Just take a look at what has happened to a local post office who does not pay attention to their online reputation…

You need good testimonials to counter bad ratings!

Google doesn’t just give people the ability to leave bad feedback…it also collects feedback from other websites across the internet!

I picked a Post Office so I wouldn’t embarrass anyone, but I know there are repair shops out there who are buried beneath bad reviews on the internet. (Wondering why this is so important? See how targeted online marketing destroys regular yellow pages.)

Whether you’re talking about online reputation or any other kind of marketing, it’s never been more important to keep a steady stream of great testimonials coming into your shop.

But even when they know they need great testimonials (for an effective marketing piece or to cover up a bad review) shop owners and service writers everywhere are resistant to asking for testimonials from happy customers.

Let’s fix that! Here’s how to ask for and get great testimonials, reviews and referrals…


If your customer is happy with the job you’ve done, what is the hang up?

Whether it’s right at the front counter at checkout or on the phone during a follow up phone call, you should be asking if they’re satisfied so that you can address their concerns.

Right then and there is where you should be asking:

“Mrs. Johnson, I’m glad you had such a pleasant experience here at our shop. We really like taking care of you, and we were hoping you could help us with something. Would you be willing to write us a testimonial?”

It’s that simple.

Yes, some people will give you testimonials without you having to ask. But that happens rarely, meaning if you won’t ask for a testimonial from happy customers, you will probably never have enough to effectively protect your online reputation.

If you’re ready to start asking, then let’s dig in!


Once they’ve said yes, you’ve got a choice: let them write whatever they want and hope you get a testimonial you can use…or help them through the process and guarantee you get a great testimonial right off the bat.

A GREAT testimonial has four simple pieces:

  • Why they were in trouble. (“My brakes were squealing.”)
  • How and why they came to you. (“My friend told me about Keller Bros.”)
  • How you helped them. (“Not only did they fix my brakes, but they also gave me a ride to work, picked me up, did a full inspection, and helped me understand and prioritize other issues that could leave me with big repair bills down the road.”)
  • How things are different now as a result. (“My car is enjoyable to drive again, and I look forward to referring my friends and family to your shop!”)

It’s as easy as that!

By guiding them through this process, you’ll make it easier for them to write (filling a blank page can be intimidating!) and you’ll help guarantee that you get a testimonial that you can use on your marketing, online and hang in your shop!


Chances are you’ve heard of The Secret or the Law of Attraction or Karma or the Golden Rule…so stop and think…

Are you giving great testimonials?

The next time you’re impressed with the service somebody provides or thankful that somebody went above and beyond, take a moment and tell them your story!

Do you have a story about how APM has helped you or your shop? Your testimonials mean more to us than anything, and we’d love it if you could share your story with us.

Please take a moment and tell us about how your shop has transformed in an email or through the comment box below!