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Grow or Die NOW!

This is my 6th recession as a business owner. The first 5 were relatively short and simple. This one isn’t — for most businesses. Now I admit in the early part of my career I was lucky to make it through those tough times. But as I applied lessons learned I began to focus on what I could control and not allow paralyzing fear to set in.

“Why isn’t my marketing working?”

It’s really interesting to me how time after time, repair shop owners fall for the same couple of marketing “tricks” to try and fill their bays. The truth is, if there are “tricks” to marketing your shop, they’re about how you run your shop and who you’re marketing to…not about tricking people into bringing their car to you…

Just because it’s slow, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow!

There are certain times of the year that a bit of a slowdown in customer traffic seems inevitable. These times are the ones where many teams become unproductive and unhappy. If you aren’t concerned, maybe you should be!

Your employees may not always outwardly demonstrate their dissatisfaction, and you may think that they ought to know by now that some weeks are just slow, but it’s when we relax and think we know what others are thinking that we really get in trouble!