Taking Your Customer Service Over the Top – Where WOW Isn’t Enough!


As a former Service Writer for (and now C.O.O. of) Keller Bros., David Rogers will teach you from first-hand experience what it takes to be truly successful with superior customer service.

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No matter how skilled the technicians are in a shop, no matter how cutting edge the technology is or how perfected the production pipeline processes are, the success of that shop comes down to customer service.

Not only does truly outstanding customer service create customer loyalty and generate referrals, it makes your marketing more effective, and creates a clear separation between your shop and your competition…meaning you don’t have to play the price shopper’s game.

These things are what you get when you take your customer service over the top…where WOW isn’t a strong enough word.

This Thursday, you can get the secrets to delivering this kind of incredible customer service in your shop directly from a customer service expert. These are the secrets used by 5-star hotels to create memorable stays for high profile clients…and you can have them for use in your shop!

Join us this Thursday for a one-of-a-kind master class in hospitality and customer service and learn how to take it over top in your shop!