Retaining Quality Employees


Good employees are becoming harder to find, and that makes it CRITICAL that you RETAIN those great employees when you find them!

When we lose a quality tech or service writer it costs us time, money and headaches galore. Just like keeping existing customers is the best way to maintain and grow your business, keeping great people on staff is the best way to keep your profits flowing and your shop on the fast track to SUCCESS!

In this class, I’ll teach you the true value of having good employees on staff and the methods I’ve developed for keeping them happy, engaged and PRODUCTIVE for years and decades on end!

If you want to learn how to assemble, develop and maintain a team of WINNERS, this is one class you simply can’t miss!

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We spend a lot of money to get good employees, and it’s even more expensive to replace them (advertising for the position, loss of sales and productivity while the position is empty, etc.).

David Rogers discusses how to keep the great employees that benefit you and your business.