MOTOR AGE – Team Roles & Responsibilities That Will Being Cars Into Your Shop

Car count is about much more than advertising.

This entire article is built on that fact, so I’m not going to bury it down the page. In successful shops, the money spent by the owner on marketing is only responsible for a fraction of the car count in that shop.

This might strike you as insane. After all, we tend to refer to “car count” and “advertising” interchangeably. Need more cars? Buy this! Send that!

But what causes good car count? What do we do as a repair shop to keep customers coming through the doors?

We retain our existing customers with excellent customer service. We do quality inspections and repairs so customers know they can trust the quality of our work. We grow our production capacity so we can service more vehicles effectively while providing superior customer service.

And then – finally – we attract new, quality customers with our marketing.

I’m not here to tell you marketing is unimportant. Quality marketing is critical for the health and success of a shop, and anybody who tells you a shop can survive on referrals, word of mouth and internal marketing is wrong at best, and lying at worst.

Quality marketing – critical as it is – is one piece of your car count, and is supported and enhanced by your employees. Which is why the employees in our shop know they’re responsible for 80 percent of the car count.

80 percent!?

Why? How? And how do you possibly get your team to take that level of responsibility for your shop’s car count?

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