shop management system

5 Important Facts About Shop Management Systems

In the year of the great resignation and Covid, life, in general, has taken a huge spin. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the car industry will be booming by 2024 and that will create a 7% increase in the need for new technicians.

Using a shop management system can transform your business life. A shop management system is a tool as important to your work as a wrench, a socket set, a trolley jack, air compressor, or hydraulic jack. Those tools create a system where you can repair anything. It creates the flow and databases that make your life easy so that you can do what you do makes your life easy, so that you can do what you do best: serve your customers and repair vehicles.


We all hear about metrics. Metrics for social media and metrics for tracking. A shop management system that monitors your metrics and shows your profitability can make the difference between struggling to keep your head above water and creating a profitable bottom line.


Let’s face it you didn’t choose this career to push around a bunch of paper or spend hours on a computer. A shop management system has many time-saving features incorporated into the software. By eliminating double and triple processes like creating data entry for repeat clients it saves you time. Customer retention makes you money and tracking it saves you time.

Being Able to Customize

Having the ability to create your own systems within systems not only allows you to be flexible but allows your work to flow and be easy on yourself. We all think differently, and having the ability to customize adapts the processes in a way that makes you feel comfortable using this tool.


There are so many systems out there, the pricing can vary greatly. Some systems start as low as $500 and others are as complex and pricey as $15,000. Being aware of exactly what you’re purchasing and how it will enhance your business is important to consider. Sometimes, it’s not about the price, it’s how valuable it is to your business that is important.

Easy Peasy Does It

You need a shop management system that is completely capable of handling a variety of needs in your business, but it also should be easy enough to use so that anyone in the shop can do the most simple functions. Yes, product training is important, but it shouldn’t suck all your time away from what’s really important.

A shop management system can transform your business, but it takes some careful thought to choose what works best for you.