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At Auto Profit Masters, our mission is simple:

Help shop owners run a


auto repair shop

We do it by providing you the same resources that have made our shop – the shop we still own and operate, and have since 1974 – the #1 ranked shop in the nation.

With our RPM ToolKit, training library, guided consulting and marketing insights, you’ll have the easily integrated tools you need to strengthen your shop and increase your profit. You won’t just see the problems – you’ll see the solutions as well.

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The RPM TooKit® helps the average shop find

$30,000 PER MONTH

How is that even possible?

We built the RPM ToolKit for our shop. We use it to measure our numbers and find problems, and then train our staff and give them solutions for fixing issues.

You don’t need to be a technical geek to use the RPM ToolKit. In just a few minutes a day, you’ll have the infomation you need to run the shop you’ve always wished you ran.

More profits. Better customer relationships. Less stress.

CDs, DVDs & Books

Service Writer CDs

Service Writer CDs & Podcasts

Service Writer Essentials – Leading and Managing Technicians (CD)

Learn how to lead and manage techs effectively so that everyone is happier and makes more money! (see more)


Shop owner CDs and Podcasts

Marketing that Works – How to Get Found When You’re in a Hole

In this class, David will be giving you the TOP SECRET makreting tips that can get you out of any hole! (see more)



Pocket Guide to Selling Preventative Maintenance

This pocket-sized guide lists the key features and benefits of the most needed preventative maintenance items. (see more)



Getting Results from Relationships

This DVD is a great training tool for helping both shop owners and their new employees alike to get the most from their relationships. (see more)


Upcoming Classes

How to Get Found When You’re in a Hole

August 13

Shop OwnerIf anyone found out the info David teaches in this class, they could march down the street, open up a shop of their own, and take you out. With these secrets, they could put you out of business! We want to help your shop succeed, but we can’t do that if we’re helping your competition destroy you!

(see more)

How to Make Sure the Boss’ Advertising is Making You Money

August 20

Are you MAXIMIZING your advertising dollars at the front counter? You’re probably already working to send out advertisements to really crank things into high gear over the coming weeks and months. Are you doing everything you can to maximize every last dollar you’re spending on marketing?

(see more)

How to Get Your Employees to Do What You Expect

September 3

How much more money could you make if your techs did everything you wanted them to do? How much would every RO go up? This class teaches how to get your employees to do what you expect…how to follow your rules, adopt your systems, and make everyone more money!

(see more)

Take on your marketing


The marketing we use in our successful shop. Available for your shop.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Tired of marketing to you customers’ garbage cans? Get noticed (not tossed) with the Dear Neighbor Letter and other direct mail from APM.

Learn more about direct mail



Don’t get half of a website. Our award-winning team brings together beautiful design, great content and search engine optimization into the website your shop needs.

Learn more about website design


WebPresence Marketing

Is your website lonely? WebPresence Marketing brings together the social media and SEO you need to get your shop found and talked about online.

Learn more about WebPresence Marketing



TOMA – do you have it? Get the Top of Mind Awareness your shop needs to stay in front of your customers all year long and keep your best customers coming back.

Learn more about newsletters

Paid Search

Paid Search Marketing

Never miss an opportunity. APM offers paid search marketing (PPC) to drive customers to your shop though targeted online markting.

Learn more about paid search marketing


Keller Bros. Auto Repair
Earls Auto Repair
The V sHop Auto Repair
Teson Auto Repair
Nightingale Transmissions

“The average repair order in our shop has improved significantly since starting this program and our customers are more loyal than ever!”

-Michelle and Bryan West

Professional Auto Repair

“My smile is big, stress level is low, and my bank account is finally starting to grow! I am very excited and grateful to be a client. Thank you all very much!”

-Dan Harding

Harding’s Garage

“This is the most powerful, eye opening and easiest-to-use business tool I have ever seen. This latest piece to the RPM ToolKit™ ties it all together. FANTASTIC. Thanks so much!”

-John Stewart

Real Pro Auto