Make your Marketing Go Further! Training Package


Four critical training classes for shop owners and service advisors to get more miles out of every marketing dollar!



Where Did All My Good Customers Go?
Perhaps the most important thing to understand before you advertise is a nasty little word called attrition! All shops have it, but the key is knowing it inside-out so you can whip it!

Why Isn’t My Marketing Working?
In this class, David will outline a road map so that you can steer clear of those money pits we fell into…as well as the tools your employees need to make your marketing pay off every time.


Timing the Advisement of an Oil Change
The RIGHT timing can help your service writers and your shop increase sales, build trust, and increase customer loyalty… and make sure it happens for every oil change ticket!

How to Sell Diagnostics Before, During, and After the Repair
We could have just as easily called this “The ONE THING I changed at our shop that made us an EXTRA $1 MILLION in 12 months.” Learn the secrets to diagnostic sales and profitability.

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