Repair Shop Management: How to Keep Score and KNOW if You Are Winning

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If any principle of management is true and valuable, it’s this… The Numbers Don’t Lie! There are many issues and problems every business owner, CEO and manager has to confront when analyzing sales, production and profitability: Is the data accurate? Is it current and up to date today? Are the right things being measured? Am I using the right comparative benchmarks and standards for my type of business? Am I drawing the right conclusions from my numbers? Has my team employed and sustained corrective solutions as needed? If all of the above has been implemented, where is the cash? There is also another very prevalent problem many of us have when we read our numbers: we embellish, compensate, or justify things in our own minds to make us feel better. We say or think things such as: “If we didn’t …… ( more )

Service Writer Training…How to make it STICK!

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One of the greatest things that ever happened in our shop is service writer training. We have tracked our training experiences and how they affect each individual, and have at times actually experienced an increase in our sales, average repair order, and of course, our profits…sometimes as much as 30% after a single training!

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