$64,000 in the “slow” season

Check out what an RPM ToolKit® client in North Carolina did last winter.


What did this shop do to grow their monthly sales by $64,000 last winter?

The same things they did to grow their monthly sales by $100,000 over the last year…


How has your shop done this year? Are your sales and car count shrinking? Want to know this shop owner’s secret to success?

“All of my numbers are up. My average ticket increased, gross profit is up, more sales and hours billed every day. The RPM ToolKit has allowed me to keep my finger on the pulse of my shop. I see my numbers every day, and they’re all improving.

“I’ve basically put my 40 years’ worth of experience on the shelf and fully committed to this program. That’s saying a lot about your program. We couldn’t have done it without you guys.

“I’m ready and excited to kick it up to the next level and continue to grow with Auto Profit Masters. Thank you!”

-Randy B

How different would things be if you had grown your monthly sales by $100,000 over the last year? What would change if your sales and car count were GROWING and your numbers were IMPROVING?

Not every shop owner will take action like this one did.

Not every shop will grow like this one.

Not every shop is a good fit for the RPM ToolKit.

Are you?

Let’s set a time to go through the RPM ToolKit® so you can learn the secrets these shops are using and see how you stack up. Click here to schedule a consultation, or call us at 866-520-3030.

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