SHOP OWNER – Growing Your Business

By David Rogers

Opening a second location is a tempting idea for many shop owners, and why not? Twice the sales, twice the profits, and a chance to go through the process again and do everything right the second time around!

If only it were that easy.

Doubling your sales and profit isn’t guaranteed, but doubling your expenses certainly is. Twice the locations means twice the stress, twice the headaches, twice the payroll, twice the parts issues and twice as many opportunities for breakdowns in production or customer service.

Of course, if you are determined to open a second location, none of these things are a deal breaker. Maybe your first location is in a bad part of town and a second location is key to your growth. Maybe your capacity is maxed out and you can’t grow car count until you have more bays.

The reason why isn’t as important as the things you consider and execute before you open that second shop.

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