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SHOP OWNER: Work Smarter, Not Harder

It takes a lot of technical know-how to service modern vehicles. But there would be a lot more shop owners and technicians walking around with fat wallets nowadays if running a successful shop were only about technical acumen.

Turning a … Read the rest

The power of customer reviews

Cars are expensive. Everything from the initial price tag to filling the gas tank to maintenance and repairs and body work comes with a hefty bill at the end. Which means our customers aren’t going to walk into the shop, … Read the rest

Marketing Your Shop Accreditation

How to get the most out of your shop’s accreditations and attract more cutomers

Many consumers aren’t aware of the industry-specific accreditations, which is why marketing accreditations need to strike a balance between educating and naturally integrating those certifications into … Read the rest

Keep Your Shop’s Marketing Messages Consistent

There are several ways to reach your customers and a number of different messages that you can send.

Unless you’re writing, designing, posting and mailing every piece — and keeping creative control over every aspect of your shop’s image — … Read the rest